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How To Create Digital Paper | Designing Digital Paper | Digital Products

Using a Digital Journal || Digital Scrapbooking and Book Reviews

HOW TO Start with Digital Scrapbooking without buying Software | TUTORIAL


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Try Canva Pro for 30 days for FREE by clicking here: https://bit.ly/2Y9ZV20 These are FUN digital papers you can make for personal use. However, keep in mind if you create your very own designs you can still follow the steps to create a digital paper that you can use to sell on Etsy if you choose to. I hope you enjoy the video!

Cee Jay пишет: I would of like to see what to do with the paper once it was downloaded.

Bangtan Pjm пишет: May i know the paper quality best for paper pack

Barbara Template пишет: and what about copyright issues regarding Canva if I sell them?

Sonya Hightower пишет: I never knew it was this simple. You are a great teacher.

Kimberly Kay пишет: Thank you!!!!

Jacqueline Vidales пишет: I can’t find your Pinterest 🙁

MiKayla Roberts пишет: Thank you for the tutorial! I’m just getting started digital scrapbooking! Does this app have a way to get the scrapbook printed when I’m done?:)

Jennifer Malott пишет: Thank you!

Two-Story Stories пишет: Great videos! Thank you!

VectoriaDesigns пишет: Hello, crafters! Subscribe to our mailing list and receive free crafting printables (a paper pack, a sheet of tags and a sheet of labels) to experience our quality: http://pix.vectoriadesigns.com/ytfreeitemssignup

Lidia Gradzinski пишет: Thank you so much for this tutorial. Ive been playing in befunky, practicing everything in your tutorial and now Im hooked on digital scrapbooking!

Caca Haddad пишет: I Loved, thanks for your tips Tina!!

Denise Hart пишет: Hi Tinne
I have loads of your wonderful kits, but am now looking to expand my horizons a bit by doing some of my own journal pages. I have Photoshop CC but dont know where to start LOL! I have been looking for a suitable course to do but cant find one specifically for doing journal layouts, etc. I wondered if you have ever thought of doing a (paid) course or if you could recommend one already available. Thanks in advance and keep on making your wonderful digis! XX

Mags Nash пишет: Tinne I’m going to have to watch this a few times to make sure I get it right It’s a fantastic idea and has endless possibilities. Thank you so much I really love this. xxx Mags

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