Western dragon оригами

Origami Western Dragon with Horns step by step

Origami Western Dragon V3 Tutorial (Shuki Kato) Part 1 折り紙 西洋のドラゴン оригами Drachen

Origami Western Dragon instructions (Shuki Kato)


vinita Chaudhary пишет: Shuki Kato is my favourite

Shishir Aravinda пишет: Paper is too thick

Josh CWK пишет: Does anyone know where I can find instructions for morisue keis submarine?

MD Zaman пишет: Can you maybe make the dragon knight by Obelisk?

Cooper Mauldin пишет: can you finish the alien

NinoSIMP пишет: Maravilloso diseño y detalle una obra maestra del origami y tu la creaste con una magnífica técnica la verdad mereces mucho apoyo

한승윤 пишет: this origami is so cool! I really want to make it!
But no matter how much I searched, I couldnt find any paper over 70cm. Do I have to make my own paper over 70cm? Or can you tell me where to buy it?

Lilac Theleafelement пишет: Awwwww i need bigger paper

안수옥 пишет: l love you

Adrian Mamani Cajamarca пишет: Woww tu eres un buen profesor de origami contigo aprendí a hacer origamis complejos

Cream Boy пишет: Make a book tutorial on vedio like first step 1 2. 3. 4 5. 6. 7. 8 9 until finished pleas

Tuyen Le пишет: thats awesome

윤은정 пишет: What about the copyright?

최문규 пишет: very hard

toreba King пишет: Is he farting at 39:43 ?

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