Жених и невеста оригами

Gorgeous DIY Paper Wedding Gown | Paper Folding Origami Gown | Easy Origami Paper Gown | Paper Gown

How to make an origami Bride / Wedding (Tadashi Mori)

Origami Groom (Jo Nakashima) — my profile pic!

Origami Bride — remake (Jo Nakashima)


Origami with Jo Nakashima пишет: Diagrams on my website!

Rhuan пишет: Legal o origami

Ольга Наумова пишет: This origami is great!!! Yore best!!!!!!

Yalda Yazdanpanah пишет: This is the third time Im making a bride and groom to give away as a gift to my friends and family. I love this model, and I want to thank you for such great video and diagrams! You really rock! Definitely one of my favourite origamists. <3

C пишет: why would you use a white background?????

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